Red and White The Student News Site of Bellefonte Area High School Wed, 05 Feb 2020 19:26:33 +0000 en-US hourly 1 The Red and White’s Satirical Guide to the Elections Wed, 05 Feb 2020 19:26:33 +0000 By ALEX DOEBLER

With primaries coming up in the spring, it’s important to get an idea of who is running for each party. There are a lot of options, so it may be hard to stay informed on all of them. Hopefully this completely serious and unbiased article helps some people to get a feel for the three highest polling members of each major party.


Donald Trump

The Lorax’s estranged brother is running again. Forget about the truffula trees and look at his hands, which he has always made a point of insisting are “absolutely huge,” or at least as large as the elephant he represents – and given how much he talks with his hands, they clearly need to be. He is still fostering foreign relations in a huge way, but maybe not as huge as his hands. Some may call it conspiring with foreign powers, others call it making friends. Sure, some of his friends kill thousands, but who has never had a friend like that?


Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh the rockstar? Nope. Apparently there is another one, and he is running against Trump for the Republican nomination. It seems like the guitarist would stand a better chance since people have at least heard of him. From Trump to Obama to his ex-wife, the only person it seems he will not criticize is himself. None of that really matters though, since hardly anyone knows who he is, and by the end of this election hardly anyone will. 


Bill Weld

Is he Libertarian or Republican? He flip flops so often he might switch parties again before the election. Despite his clear libertarian leanings, he hopped parties back over to the republicans. Maybe he just has a coin and calls out, “Heads: I’m republican. Tails: I’m libertarian,” but that sort of whimsy seems out of place considering on stage he acts like a robot, standing still and showing little emotion. Who knows though? It might be a clever campaigning strategy. Plenty of programmers are already preparing to accept their new AI overlords.


Joe Biden

The next guy running for president is the civil servant with a smile that wouldn’t feel out of place on an underpaid McDonalds employee. He must have gotten jealous of the rest of his friend group. After all, he has professed to knowing three presidents intimately. Or maybe Ted Cruz inspired him too. After all, according to Trump, Cruz’s father had a hand in killing Kennedy, so he knows a thing or two about jealousy.  Biden even called him “an inspiration to every kid in America who worries that he’ll never be able to run for President because nobody likes him.” 


Bernie Sanders

If Bernie wins, we may need to pay more attention to the Vice President. He looks like he would be sworn in with his hand on the bible and his foot in the grave. Allegedly he questioned if a woman could be president, but try not to hold that against him. He must have been asked a thousand times if a dinosaur could be president. He waves his hands in front of his face so much you would think he has the reach of a T-Rex and just can not move them down any further.


Elizabeth Warren

Organizing her pens? Warren has a plan for that. Positioning posters? Warren has a plan for that. The right combination of sugar, cream, and coffee to start off her morning? Warren has a plan for that. Stapling papers? Warren probably has a plan for that, too. With all the time she spends planning, it makes you wonder when Warren actually has time to get stuff done. It would not be surprising if Warren had separate plans for what to do in case of an alien invasion based off of the number of limbs they have. She might even have a kook calling themself an alien translator lined up to hire onto the Whitehouse staff already. You know, just in case.b

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One last match on the home mat Wed, 05 Feb 2020 13:42:45 +0000 By ALLISON IVICIC


As the season is dwindling down, the varsity wrestling team has come upon their Senior Night. The team’s six seniors include: Tyler Benner, Alec Bossert, Alex Coppolo, Aaron Little, Brady Martin, and John Nastase. Most of these boys have been wrestling since they were in elementary school. 

Alex has wrestled since he was six. During his time on the varsity squad he has been one of the captains, for the past three years. He has many cherishable moments along the way that are memorable.

Having the opportunity to travel and meet a lot of people in the wrestling community,” he said. 

Along with teammate Alex, senior Tyler Benner made long lasting friendships from the program along with support. 

“I feel grateful for the Bellefonte wrestling family and their support throughout my high-school career,” Tyler said. 

Social Studies teacher and Head Coach Mr. Michael Maney can see the impact that each individual senior makes. 

“This group of seniors is unique because they all have different levels of experience but they all play an important part of the team,”  he said. 

The team took on the Central Dragons on Senior Night for a 66-9 win on Wednesday January 22. To help with this win senior Aaron Little helped by pinning the Dragons, Tyler Beisinger. 

“Winning on Senior Night was one of the most awesome feelings ever,” Aaron said. 

Senior Brady Martin also picked up a win on Senior Night.

“I was happy that I won, but there definitely was a bit of sadness. It’s hard to process that my wrestling career is almost over, but I’m happy for all the memories that I made, and all of the people I got to meet along the way, “ Brady said. 

Through their time with the program the wrestlers have had help and inspiration along the way. Alex has had the support of his family that carried him to where he is today.

My father and brother both have pushed me to my full potential to help me meet my goals,” Alex said. 

Brady has been impacted by his coaches to see his full potential. 

“Coach Maney, and both of the Taylor’s. They hold all of us to a standard, and they see potential in all of us that we don’t even see in ourselves. They push us to be our best, and make us all tougher as a team,” Brady said. 

The seniors have made an influence on the underclassmen on the team. Sophomore Aidan O’Shea can say that they were always leaders. 

The seniors lead us in warmups and help motivate us as a team. If something bad happens they help me stay positive and not get negative,” he said. 

Mr. Maney has been with these wrestlers to see the growth that they have had. 

“They have put in a lot of work and at this point of the season have achieved some great things, but I know even better things are in store for them,” Mr. Maney said. 

 The Raiders defeated the Clearfield Bison on February 4 with a 46-16 victory. As of press time, the team will travel to Philipsburg-Osceola on February 6. 

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Movies to start 2020 Wed, 05 Feb 2020 13:40:46 +0000 By LILLY GUENTHER

From history to horror, American cinemas are anticipating many film releases in 2020. Here are some movies to expect in the beginning of the year.

Starting off with a scare, The Grudge, a reboot of the 2004 film, was released on January 3. This tale of a vengeful ghost and the curse that dooms those who enter her home to a violent death has been highly publicized, but has so far undergone harsh review. Rotten Tomatoes delivers their consensus, rating the movie at an 18% and calling it “dull and derivative.” Is this movie a terror or a total failure?

For comedic relief, check out Like a Boss, a feel-good, power-of-the-woman film starring Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne. Business partners and best friends Mia and Mel tackle problems in their cosmetic company duo with a motto, “The beauty business is about to get ugly.” Rotten Tomatoes rates 21% while audience score it 65%. 

 Released on January 10, The Woman Who Loves Giraffes reflects on the work of “giraffologist” Anne Innis Dagg, recounting her triumphs and downfalls observing these creatures in the wild, as well as calling attention to today’s enviromental issues, narrated by Dagg herself. Rotten Tomatoes rates this heartwarming story a 100%. 

If you’re thirsting for action, dive into Underwater, starring Kristen Stewart. IMDb summarizes, “a crew of aquatic researchers work to get to safety after an earthquake…but the crew has more than the ocean seabed to fear.” Rated 49% on the Tomatometer, and 61% by audience. 

In another lighthearted contrast, we have Doolittle, the third reincarnation of the 1967 film, starring Robert Downey Jr. Dolittle embarks on an adventure to a mythical island, and makes interesting friends along the way. While the adaptation has been criticized in the industry, audience rates it 76%.

Turning the tables once again, we have The Turning, the unsettling story of a nanny apppointed to a house with dark secrets. Both Tomatometer and audience rate this film, labeled “stylish but muddled” at 13%. 

The year is off to an interesting and constrasting kickoff in film, but how will it continue?

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Cheering their way to Nationals Tue, 04 Feb 2020 23:01:06 +0000 By LOGAN HOUSER

They are there at every football game. They bring the spirit to Bellefonte Area High School. They are Bellefonte’s very own Cheer Squad. 

The cheer team has had yet another successful season with more accolades to look forward to. They most recently wrapped up the fall season and have moved onto winter competitions. The team placed second in Districts, which earned them a spot in states. The cheer squad also placed twelfth in the state. Most recently, they received an invitation for Nationals in Orlando, Florida at ESPN Worldwide Sports Complex. 

Senior captain Olivia Reiter explains the difference between big competitions and school sporting events.

“Cheering for a crowd at a football game is very different because we are there to raise the energy and get everyone excited about the game, but cheering at a competition is about getting the crowd engaged in what we are about to perform and we have to focus in on our skill,” Olivia said.

The cheerleading team seems very excited about their trip to Florida for both the competition and the vacation. Having a mid-winter getaway to Florida from Central Pennsylvania is a nice plus. Senior Alexis Hosterman had been on the team since she was a freshman.

“I’m really excited for Florida. It’s going to be so much fun and it’ll be my last time getting to compete with my team. It will be a good bonding experience with some of my friends, especially getting to go to Disney World with them,” Lexie said.

On February 5, the team will head off for competition and they hope to do very well. The members want to represent Bellefonte in the best way possible and show the people the talent that they have. This is the first time ever that a cheer competition team from Bellefonte has gone to Nationals, so it could be a stressful experience, especially for a sophomore. One of the sophomores, Reese Fletcher, is one of the best flyers on the team.

“I’ve had an amazing year with some awesome people, to be a flyer you have to be able to trust your bases and I trust everyone on my team. It is nerve-racking, but I’m excited for what’s to come,” Reece said.

The cheer team will finish up their season with a big competition to wrap it all up.

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Wildfires strike Australia Fri, 31 Jan 2020 13:55:12 +0000 By KERRIGAN TYSON

In September 2019, an intense drought struck Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. With up to 100 wildfires striking the continent in the span of one month, people have been forced to evacuate to safer locations.
As evident in photographs that have been taken of the fires, the intensity has caused the skies to turn a shade of red, and storms have started forming from the smoke. As of January, 2020, there have been around one billion animals killed in these fires, according to This is including a multitude of birds, kangaroos, and koalas amongst many other wildlife; this number consistently grows each day.
According to, the Australian fires have destroyed more than 17 million acres of land, killing at least 26 people and burning about 3,000 homes, as of January 11, 2020. Officials have even claimed that the fires could continue for another few months. However, according to on January 14, about 46 millions acres have been burned, at least 34 people have died, and 5,900 total buildings have been destroyed (with 2,779 of them being homes).
Many people believed that the wildfires were caused by people as a form of arson, but recently this has been debunked. The fires have been caused by a combination of extreme heat, a long drought, strong wind speeds, and lightning strikes. According to and the Australian Institute of Criminology, if the fires were to be purposely caused as a form of arson, the bushfires would only rage for about 12 acres of land.
New South Wales (NSW), which has been a core for the spreading fires, is currently being impacted the most. New South Wales is currently under an SOS Alert, after previously calling a State of Emergency back in December of 2019. A multitude of hectares, which is as large as 2.47 acres, have been raging in flames, some unable to be controlled at the moment. New fires are striking the communities each and every morning, and most people are not prepared in case it does happen. NSW has been giving frequent updates about the fires on their website.
On January 22, three U.S. firefighters were killed while trying to help extinguish these fires while aboard an air tanker. The three who were on board were all veterans, with two of them being fathers. The three men were identified as Paul Hudson of Arizona, Rick DeMorgan of Florida, and Ian McBeth of Montana. At the moment, the cause of the plane’s crash has not been determined., though according to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service’s commissioner,
Contact had been lost with the water-bomber plane at around 1:30 p.m.
The fires are burning more dangerously each day, but it is easy to help and spread any sort of awareness to the cause. You can donate to NSW and help the cause through Google, or you can share the stories of what is happening. Some people did not know that this was happening until months later. Spread the news; Australia needs the world’s help.

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From Corsicana, Texas to Daytona, Florida Fri, 31 Jan 2020 13:47:12 +0000 By MACKENZIE EBELING

The Navarro College cheer team has won 14 National Championships and 5 grand championships at the National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) competition in Daytona, Florida over the last 20 years. On January 8, Netflix released a six episode documentary series called Cheer which follows the 2019 team’s journey to Daytona, Florida.
The team’s head coach is Monica Aldama. She originally earned a bachelor’s of Business Administration in Finance at the University of Texas. Aldama saw herself in New York as the CEO of a large business, but decided to apply for the cheer coach position. She constantly pushes the team to do their very best, especially in stunting. According to, while she has been coaching, Navarro College holds the highest score in history at NCA College Nationals.
Cheerleaders come from all over the country to compete for a spot “on mat” at this junior college in Corsicana. The team has roughly 40 members that cheer on Navarro’s sports teams, but only 20 are able to compete in Daytona, the best part of the season. One of the most recognizable members is 22 year-old Gabi Butler. Gabi has been cheering since she was eight years old and started her fame by making YouTube videos giving tips and teaching stretches to help gain flexibility. According to IMBD, she’s also appeared in Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader in 2012 and the series Cheerleaders in 2013.
Gabi teaches her own cheer clinics at gyms all over the country to help younger cheerleaders learn new skills. Gabi’s parents would place a lot of pressure on her and received some backlash after the show, however, when speaking on “The Ellen Show” about the situation, Gabi expressed that her parents have since realized that maybe she does need a break. After all, the 22 year-old has been traveling away from her family for many years and hasn’t had time to stay home.
The show lets the audience be a part of the team’s journey to Daytona, but also shares backgrounds on some of the members of the Navarro team. In addition to Gabi, the other cheerleaders that the show focuses on are Morgan Simianer, Jerry Harris, La’Darius Marshall, and Lexi Brumback. Each of these young adults came from rough family backgrounds, some worse than others, but come together to share their love of cheerleading and because of the sport, they have been able to make something more of their lives.
The show is becoming increasingly more popular and the team has been rewarded with love and support from viewers even outside of the cheer world. On January 23, the team travelled to California to be guests on “The Ellen Show.” Ellen got to speak to Monica and a few of the team members and then Navarro performed a routine in the Warner Bros. Studio. Afterwards, Ellen surprised the team with a $20,000 check for the next competition season.
Even if you don’t know anything about cheerleading, the documentary series Cheer will have you laughing and crying throughout all six of the episodes. Netflix has not yet confirmed a second season, but Navarro College will be heading to Daytona again April 8 through 12.

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Senior athletes take the next step Fri, 20 Dec 2019 19:28:50 +0000 CJ Funk








Q: Where are you committing? 

A: The University of Pittsburgh to play baseball. 

Q: Why did you decide on this college? 

A: I chose Pitt because, unlike the other colleges I visited, it truly felt like home. The coaches, staff, and the players were all so welcoming and made me feel confident in my decision. 

Q: What will you be majoring in? 

A: I will be majoring in accounting. 

Q: Have you always imagined yourself playing in college? 

A: It’s always been a dream to play college ball ever since I was a kid. Ultimately it’s the goal to make it to the majors, but there’s still a lot of work to do. 

Q: What did you do to get to this point today? 

A: I am truly blessed with an amazing family and friends, I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. I’d say the biggest thing I’ve done is just work hard in everything I do on and off the field. A strong work ethic is kind of cliche but absolutely the most important thing to have to be successful in any aspect of life. 

Q: Has anyone in particular helped you along the way? 

A: My parents have always been my biggest supporters and have helped me the most. More recently Josh Brown, who has been badly affected by cancer, has been a huge supporter of mine and I am pushed by his bravery and his strength as he fights his battle. 

Mallorie Smith








Q: What are you looking forward to most about in college?

A: I’m looking forward to playing at a high level. The ACC is filled with some of the best baseball players in the country and it will be a challenging and unique experience that I’m ready to take on. 

Q: Where are you committing? 

A: Penn State Altoona to play soccer. 

Q: Why did you decide on this college? 

A: The campus is a good distance from home and it felt like a second home when I went and visited. The soccer team and coach were very welcoming.

Q: What will you be majoring in? 

A: I’m majoring in biology. 

Q: Have you always imagined yourself playing in college? 

A: I’ve always imagined playing at the next level because this has been my life and Iḿ not ready to gove it up yet. At first I wasn sure if I wanted to play but my senior year made me realize that I need to play in college. 

Q: What did you do to get to this point today? 

A: Hard work and perseverance and the will to get better got me to where I am today. If I didn work hard, there was no way I could’ve played at the next level. 

Q: Has anyone in particular helped you along the way? 

A: My parents have been really supportive with finding me the right college and my coaches were always encouraging me to play in college. They helped me get the exposure I needed. 

Q: What are you looking forward to most about in college?

A: I’m looking forward to making more life long friends on campus and the team and making memories in college that I can tell my kids in the future. 


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FBLA leaves their mark at conference Fri, 20 Dec 2019 19:10:22 +0000 By MACKENZIE EBELING

The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is a club that sheds light on leadership and strengthens the abilities of students in the business field. It allows for students to have the opportunity to increase their skills in marketing abilities, as well as provide more exposure to the field of application skills. 

FBLA is advised by business teacher Mr. Ryan Myers and BeLA Coordinator Ms. Rebecca Leitzell, along with a group of student officers. President Nathan Taylor, Vice President Nolan Putnam, Secretary Bella Galio, and Treasurer Amaya Rothrock. 

Junior Nathan Taylor believes that FBLA is one of the best clubs Bellefonte offers to its students. 

“Even though the club can sound intimidating, the students and advisers make every meeting and trip so fun and memorable. At meetings we have doughnuts and chocolate milk, make pancakes, and more. FBLA is by far one of my favorite clubs Bellefonte has and I would recommend it to every student to join,” Nathan said.

The club just recently attended the Regional Leadership Conference (RLC) on December 4. Students competed by showing their abilities in a multiple choice test or performance events while being judged on their public speaking ability. 

“There’s a regional competition, and then the top three students in testing events and top two students in performance events go to states,” Mr. Myers said. 

Some of the students involved moved on from this competition, moving up to the state level. Bellefonte will be sending six students to the state competition, which is scheduled for April 6 through 8, but there is a chance more members will be able to attend. As of right now, seniors Nick Catalano and Nolan Putnam, juniors Amaya Rothrock and Nathan Taylor, sophomore Madison Melius and freshman Davis Corman are attending. Davis was elected Regional President and now has the opportunity to work with not only the students in Bellefonte, but students from around the area. 

“For his first year in FBLA, Davis did exceptionally well at his first RLC. Not only was he elected to be our Regional President, but he also placed first in his event. His event entailed writing a speech and then performing it in front of a room full of people, which is not easy to do. A big congratulations to him,” senior Annalee Caprio said. 

Mr. Myers explained that FBLA is a great opportunity for students to compete against each other and learn skills to help them in future jobs or college applications. 

Nathan agreed saying, “It’s not just for students interested in business; FBLA teaches kids a variety of skills that they can use in life, no matter their future occupation.”

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Annual Science Night at BAHS Fri, 20 Dec 2019 19:08:05 +0000 By LILLY GUENTHER

From sea to space, science and discovery is all around us. Once a year, Bellefonte High teams with divisions of Penn State to bring the community a night of fun and learning through Exploration U Family Science Night. Roughly 300 people attended the annual event, which included various demonstrations, hands-on activities, and a newly-introduced panel of speakers.

Through the years, the program has evolved in many ways. Originally focused on younger students through hands-on displays, there are now benefits for a range of ages.

 One such improvment is a peer panel of recent graduates and current students, providing not only advice and perspective from their studies themselves to college experiences, but an example, that students from any area can have ongoing educational oppurtunities.

Sophmore Megan Marsh attended this panel, and provides a student perspective on efforts to appeal to older students. 

“I thought the panel was very helpful because as students, we take advice better from other people who have been in our places…As students, if we want to learn and be successful, we have to take charge and put forth the effort and it was good to hear from people who have been in our place that it does pay off,” she said.

 Physics teacher Mr. Kevin Harman organizes and facilitates the event on a community level, coordinating with the district, students, and other teachers. He explains the importance of programs such as this from a staff viewpoint.

“What we see is a lot of students getting inspired and excited.” It is critical to personal and communal growth to create enthusiasm and establish goals in not only scientific study, but on an extensive scale,” Mr. Harman said.

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See you on the moutain Fri, 20 Dec 2019 18:28:07 +0000 By MACKENZIE EBELING

Most sports come to an end when winter begins, but members of Bellefonte Area High School’s Ski Club are just getting ready to hit the slopes. 

Ski Club takes place from December through March every year. It is a chance for students who love to ski or snowboard and ones who have always wanted to learn how to come together to take trips, make memories, and have fun. 

The club is run by the students, with a student board who overlooks the club, and some staff advisors. The student board includes a group of officers: President Alyssa Packer; Vice President Logan Gettig; Secretary Tyler Muse; and Treasurer Elizabeth Marchini, and board members: Riley Clute, Shane Cronin, Logan Ellenberger, and Mia Elmore who plan the annual trips. The staff advisers include math teacher Mr. Ryan Pastva and BAHS Public Relations Director Brit Milazzo. However, there are other staff advisers that help make the club a success, such as Spanish teacher Mrs. Emily Zimdahl-McManus and World Cultures teacher Mrs. Stephanie Seitz. 

Mr. Pastva has been skiing since elementary school and really enjoys the sport. 

I started skiing in fourth grade when one of my older cousins took me to Blue Knob for the afternoon. She took me one more time before I was old enough to join Forest Hills’ Jr. High Ski Club. I was hooked from that point on.”

Advisers that enjoy Ski Club as much as the student members are the reason it is such a success. The students really admire Mrs. Seitz. She moved to Bellefonte from California, where she first learned to snowboard at 16 years old. 

The drastic temperature contrast is the largest difference between snowboarding in Pennsylvania and California for Mrs. Seitz. 

When I snowboard in Southern California at my local mountain, Big Bear Mountain, the weather will usually be between 30-40 degrees, but by the time we make it down the mountain and back to my parent’s house in Los Angeles county, the weather will generally be around the 70s,” she said.

Both Mr. Pastva and Mrs. Seitz agreed that the best part of advising Ski Club is getting to see their students in a new environment, learning and participating in something new, and getting to experience trips to places they may not have been able to go to otherwise. 

The Ski Club travels to Tussey Mountain four times a year, and also takes a larger trip to either New York or Vermont. The middle school Ski Club also joins the high school club members to go on a trip to Holiday Valley in New York. 

Senior Alec Bossert joined Ski Club in seventh grade and was able to attend the Vermont trip last year, comparing the slopes in Vermont to the ones they go to on other trips. 

“The gondola rides to the peak of the mountain, [and] the runs down to the bottom were much longer than any other place we go to.” 

However, it’s not all about the skiing itself that make the students enjoy Ski Club. Sophomore Mia Elmore’s favorite part about the club are the Tussey Mountain trips with her friends.

We go to the lodge after a couple hours of skiing and we all just hang out and play games together.”

Senior Tyler Muse has been a member of Ski Club since sixth grade and says the lessons Ski Club teaches can apply to more than just the slopes.

“Ski Club has taught me that no matter how many times you may fail, you just have to get up, and keep going.”

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