Drama on the banks

A review of the Netflix series "Outer Banks"


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Logan Houser


Set in the outer banks of North Carolina, the show “Outer Banks” is a must-watch for mature audiences. The show was released on Netflix on April 15 to give the people in quarantine something to do. This show has drama, action, adventure, mystery, and more. 

The main conflicts occur between the two classes, the Pogues and the Kooks, and an epic treasure hunt that defines the first season. The show consists of 10 episodes, with each episode being around 50 minutes-long. While there’s only one season out currently, Netflix has already confirmed that season two will be released in the future.

“Outer Banks” follows a group of four best friends living their respective lives. These are the good guys, the Pogues. The Pogues are considered to be the less fortunate and sometimes even the poor. The viewer quickly finds out that the lead character, John B. (age 16), is without any family, but is somehow still surviving on his own. His best friends are J.J. (the troublemaker), Pope (the brains), and Kiara (who is wealthy but does not seem to fit in with the rich kids). Also, early on it leaves many with the impression that all three boys might have a thing for Kiara. 

While the show does not seem to have a consistent antagonist, the most recurring ones in Season One were the Kooks, or the spoiled rich kids. Like typical fashion the rich kids and the poor kids do not get along, and the Kooks are always trying to assert their dominance against the Pogues. The show also consists of many minor characters who have played or will play a huge role in the unfolding on the show.

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For me, “Outer Banks” was very fulfilling. Every episode seems to dig deeper and deeper into the plot and they all end on a cliffhanger. While I was able to clearly predict what was going to happen in some episodes, there were other times that had me feeling like I had no idea what to think next. Season One was fantastic and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in realistic adventure and drama filled shows.