Four Years Later


Jillian McKee

By JILLIAN MCKEE, Staff Reporter

One of the many things I’ve learned during High School was to stay positive. Positivity is the key to having good relationships with the school staff. The teachers and educational support teams were on their students’ sides. From personal experience, if you worked along their side and realized they were on your team, you would get pleasing results. Something else positive is the school itself.  Bellefonte is such a good and safe school.  As a graduating senior, I’ve felt so lucky that this school that I grew up with was the best for me.

As for present and future underclassmen, there are a few things I would be happy to suggest to you. If you’re ever feeling stressed or overwhelmed while doing school work, just remember to take a pause. Breathe deeply, gather your thoughts, maybe even take a walk to fill your water bottle – then come back to it. 

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When considering these small but good deeds, also think about trying something new. Keep an open mind. Thinking about all of the personal interests and hobbies out there, I’m sure that every type of student can find something to take part in. Mrs.Welsh and Miss Fry in the art hall are always looking for creative people to join the Art Club. Mr. Brinser will take anyone for Drama Club.  Can’t act or draw but can fill water bottles?  Manage a sports team. I, for one, spent my last two years of high school managing the football team – one of the best things I got in to. I made good friendships from it who I still contact to this day. It’s a good opportunity to watch the game up close and learn about a sport you like. 

One of the biggest things I wish I did throughout the four years was try more. I wasn’t involved in any clubs and I wish I at least tried. Although I participated in two sports in two different seasons, I had a big gap of free time and was often bored. Unfortunately, I learned a few hard lessons when it came to meeting new friends in school. I put a lot of trust in people and it got the best of me. In the end these people showed their true colors and I defined the true meaning of friendship. Something else I took for granted was my grades. I regret not working hard and putting forth the effort. Grades really do matter and when I half-tried freshmen and sophomore year, it showed in the parent portal. 


My best advice to whomever reads this: make the most of it. Four years goes by fast.