Losing a season but staying fit

BAHS athletes get creative for their at-home workouts

Leigha Schrader


Imagine your sports season getting cancelled, and suddenly no gyms are open and no teams are working out. When COVID-19 reached Pennsylvania, the Bellefonte Area High School announced that school would be closing and all spring sports would be cancelled. So how are Bellfonte’s athletes staying fit during quarantine? 

From running to lifting weights, athletes have been creative in finding ways to stay active during a time where it seems like the world does not want them working out. Many of these students have made it a point to keep their skills sharp as well as their body. While some kids are playing video games or scrolling on social media, there are many kids cannot do that all day long.

“I can’t sit on my couch playing video games for too long before it starts to get old. I have been trying to go hit every day, lift in my basement, or go on runs with my friends,” senior CJ Funk said. 

CJ was supposed to play baseball this spring, but he is making sure to keep his skills up so he is ready for college baseball. Lifting and running may be one way of staying fit, but there are many others.

“Staying fit” looks a little different for gymnasts, however. One important skill in gymnastics is tumbling and the gymnasts at Bellefonte have been just doing that.

“I have been tumbling in my backyard on my air track and doing some strength training,” sophomore Zoe Rankin said. 

Zoe is a competitive gymnast who missed out on the last few meets of her season. She not only tumbles in her backyard, but she also works out making sure to keep her strength up for when she returns to the sport. Tumbling may be one creative way to keep fit but there are many others.

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When you do not have the weights you need at home many students have been resorting to the items they have around their house. For example, finding an object around the house that weighs exactly 10 pounds and using it to workout.

“I found a bucket around my house and filled it with rocks until it was 10 pounds and used it to workout until I could get to the store to get weights,” junior Devan Cox said.

Devan plays lacrosse and has been working on building muscle and cardiovascular endurance by running over quarantine. 

Athletes have been staying active and working out during quarantine. When sports resume at the school, these athletes will be ready to take on the competition.